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Birthdate:May 17

"I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen.
Not only because I see it, but because I see everything by it."

-- C.S. Lewis

Stef. Twenty something. Single. Introvert. Christian (Calvinist). Aspiring Writer. Computer Graphics major. MacBook Pro user. XPS user. Half-Swedish. Half-American. Fangirl. Cat person. Conservative. Reader. Photomanipulator. Paranoid. Procrastinator. Lover of Disney movies. And IKEA. Perfectionist. Pointy Ear fetishist. Slave of the Fandom. Defender of the UC. Punching bag of Writer's Block. Angst and H/C Delighter. Admirer of the Pretty. Lover of pocket books. Night owl. Spoiler whore. Musicaholic. Opinionated. Former Trekkie. Non-slasher.
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In A Heartbeat [Jamie/Val]. Lost [Sayid/Claire; Sayid/Ana Lucia; Eko; Locke/Claire]. That '70s Show [Hyde/Donna]. The Nanny [CC/Niles]. Frasier [Daphne/Niles]. Lord of the Rings [Erestor; Legolas; Elf torture]. Star Trek: Voyager [Tuvok/B'Elanna]. Star Trek: Enterprise [Reed/T'Pol]. House, M.D. [Chase; Cuddy/Chase]. Mutant X [Brennan/Emma]. CSI [Greg/Catherine; Lab Rat angst]. Roswell [Michael/Isabel]. SWAT Kats [Razor]. X-Men [Creed/Ororo; Scott/Ororo]. American Idol [Clay Aiken/Kimberly Caldwell; Anwar Robinson/Vonzell Solomon; Chris Daughtry&Ace Young; Jason Castro]. Pirates of the Caribbean [Jack; Will; Elizabeth/Norrington]. Sky High [Warren; Warren/Magenta; angst]. Numb3rs [Charlie H/C]. Full House [Jesse; Jesse/DJ]. The Mummy [Ardeth Bay]. Swedish Idol [Darin; Ola; Ola&Måns]. Four Brothers [Jack]. Narnia [Peter]. Supernatural [Dean; angst]. Young Americans [Jake/Hamilton; Bella/Sean]. Starsky & Hutch [Hutch H/C]. Heroes [Mohinder/Claire]. Ugly Betty [Betty/Daniel]. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Donatello; Donatello/April]. Dexter [Dexter; Dexter/Rita]. The Wedding Bells [David; David/Sammy]. Doctor Who [Nine/Rose], Leverage [Eliot; Hardison]. Star Trek: XI [Spock; Kirk]. The A-Team [Murdock]. Inception [Arthur]. Primeval [Stephen; Stephen/Abby]. The Losers [Cougar].
Demon Hunter. Backstreet Boys. Relient K. Switchfoot. Blindside. DC Talk. Haste The Day. Kutless. UnderOath. As I Lay Dying. Among Thorns. Falling Up. Disciple. Still Remains. Darin. As Cities Burn. Day of Fire. Celine Dion. Brian Littrell. Carola. Absent Element. Chris Daughtry. Duncan James. Red. Half Past Forever. Plumb. BarlowGirl. NeedToBreathe. Skillet. Jason Castro. E.M.D. Ola Svensson. Chris Sligh. Rascal Flatts. Nevertheless.

Jane Austen. Michael Crichton. J.R.R. Tolkien. C.S. Lewis. Agatha Christie. Leif G.W. Persson. Richard Hammond. Arthur Conan Doyle. James White. Michael Connelly. Matthew Reilly.
The Lord of the Rings. The Simpsons. Pirates of the Caribbean. Prison Break. American Idol. Frasier. Full House. CSI. Jurassic Park. Swedish Idol. The Nanny. Back to the Future. Sky High. SWAT Kats. MythBusters. Friends. Special Unit 2. The Pretender. Caroline in the City. My Name is Earl. Lonesome Dove. Ice Age. Starsky & Hutch. Star Trek: TOS. Young Americans. In a Heartbeat. Top Gear. Dexter. Scrubs. Mullvaden. Psych. The Wedding Bells. Leverage. Star Trek: XI. Sanctuary. Trauma. V. The Mentalist. Midsomer Murders. FlashForward. Medium. Futurama. 3rd Rock from the Sun. The A-Team. Primeval. White Collar. Golden Girls. Whose Line is it Anyways? Being Human (US). Hawaii Five-0.
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